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What are the Pilates equipment? What is the role of each?

What are the Pilates equipment? What is the role of each?

Pilates equipment includes Core pilates Reformer, Cadillac Bed Trapeze Table, Ladder Barrel, Chair Chair, and Spine Corrector.

There are hundreds of exercises on the Pilates core bed, all evolved from Pilates on the mat, emphasizing the coordination of movement and breathing, the accuracy of the movement, the fluency of the movement, and so on. In terms of exercise effects, both the restructuring training device and the Pilates on the mat have the effects of strengthening the body's muscles, improving posture, and improving health. It's just that the reorganization of the training device has increased the range of movement, coupled with the instability of the spring, which produces a stronger exercise effect on the body's control ability and the stability of the trunk.

The Pilates Cadillac bed improves the blood circulation of the body through the coordination of exercise and breathing, as well as controlled and gentle movements, and has a curvilinear and shaping effect on the waist, abdomen, shoulder and buttocks muscles, so that the body is more coordinated and balanced, and helps Relieve pain when back pain, neck pain or muscle strain.

The Pilates ladder bucket is basically wooden, consisting of a vertical ladder and a semi-circular bucket. It can help to stretch in a stable situation from different angles (mainly flexibility and stretching exercises), of course, there are also many core training exercises. It can effectively alleviate and improve the muscle and bone stiffness faced by the current social population.

Pilates chair is the first choice for home exercise equipment. The form of motion of the steady chair is to move the body up and down, challenging the balance and strength of the body. This stable chair adopts a unique spring and replacement system, which can change the difficulty of movement more conveniently and effectively protect the equipment at the same time. This device is not only used as a single person, but also can be changed into a group course. The training of hundreds of movements can fully meet the requirements and influence of group courses.

The Pilates spine corrector has a gentle curve on one side and a steeper side on the other side, which can meet the needs of a variety of Pilates, multiple Pilates movements and body postures. Improve poor posture, effectively flexible spine, such as kyphosis, pelvic anterior tilt, cervical spine extension, scoliosis, etc. Strengthen muscular endurance, sculpt the body, strengthen the sense of body and balance, and control your own muscles higher, so that your legs can achieve relative balance as much as possible. Strengthen the stability of the shoulder straps and pelvis to create a beautiful body curve.

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