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What is Pilates?

What is Pilates?

Pilates was invented by the German rehabilitation expert Joseph Pilates more than 100 years ago. It was originally designed for people who were lying in a hospital bed and could not get up to exercise. This is an exercise system that strengthens muscle strength, improves body flexibility and coordination, improves posture, and promotes health.
The explanation of the founder Joseph on practicing Pilates:
"To obtain and maintain a sound mind and a fully balanced and developed body, with enough ability to deal with life and various daily tasks in a natural and relaxed state anytime, anywhere."
Simply put, Pilates is a functional training system, in order to allow us to better control the body in life and work.
It's just that at that time, people who could put forward such a concept were already living in the distant future, because this system far exceeded the sports concept recognized by ordinary people at the same time. At that time, few people had fully solved the problem of food and clothing. , No matter where you can exercise, so Pilates has been no fire. Until modern times, studies have proved that healthy muscles contract the core of the body before the limbs, that is to say, the prerequisite for any exercise is to have a strong core muscle group. Pilates first became popular in the field of physical therapy and rehabilitation.
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