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The creation of the ONEMAX brand comes from a romantic love story. ONEMAX founder Derek is the Pilates instructor of his wife Sophie. Sophie, who was exposed to Pilates for the first time, felt that his muscles and spirit were greatly relaxed after a class.

She became addicted and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of existing Pilates equipment with her coach Derek.

In order to design better Pilates equipment, they formed their own Pilates design team.

They set up their own factories, combined advanced materials and technology with modern understanding of human biomechanics, and updated Pilates equipment. Both beginners and experienced instructors can gain a lot from Pilates.

Download the ONEMAX REFORMER Company Profile in pdf format

From zero to hero, from one to max. ONEMAX from its embryonic form to becoming a leader in the Pilates industry has truly realized that everyone enjoys Pilates. This is the original intention of ONEMAX

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