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What is the difference between Pilates and fitness and yoga?

What is the difference between Pilates and fitness and yoga?

What is the difference between Pilates and fitness?

Pilates is also a type of fitness. Of course, if many people understand that fitness is iron lifting, it's a different matter. It’s just that this system is more focused on muscle control and stretching, and the exercise intensity for the large muscle groups of the body is not strong, so it will not train the muscles that start. More suitable for modern women. Modern Pilates is also constantly innovating, combining with other fitness exercises, such as boxing Pilates and Tango Pilates.

What is the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

Most people get confused. Indeed, both are exercises that coordinate breathing, ease movements, and barefoot on the mat. But these two are completely different training systems.

1. Pilates is a kind of rehabilitation functional training. The entire exercise system is based on anatomy and medicine. Yoga has a religious background.

2. During the training process, many Pilates movements will imitate people's daily activities (functional performance, such as walking, turning, etc.). Yoga is mainly static stay.

3. Pilates emphasizes core stability and control, as well as enhancing muscle strength, flexibility and coordination. Yoga focuses on stretching, balancing and relaxing all parts of the body.

4. The ultimate goal of Pilates is to restore life and improve the quality of daily life and work through training. The ultimate goal of yoga is to return to the true self.

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