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ONEMAX Beech wood Pilates reformer Customizable logo leather color



1. Fast delivery, within two weeks after placing the order.

2. The installation is simple, and video installation tutorials are provided.

3. Support customization of color, logo or other special requirements.

4. All wood material parts are made of high-quality white maple.

5. ONEMAX reformer provide lifetime after-sales service, free replacement parts within one year,reformer body warranty for 10 years.

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Spring imported from Germany,super quiet

High resilience, spring linear acceptance, uniform force, safe and secure,super quiet. You can experience a stainless spring that maintains good condition for a longer period of time while feeling smooth driving and movement with its buttery elasticity.

Aluminum alloy slide rail

The slide rail is made of aluminum alloy, which has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, low noise and stable operation. The aluminum alloy slide rail has lower running resistance, making it easier for customers to operate.

Made of Beech wood

The texture is clear, the wood texture is uniform, the tone is soft and smooth, durable.

Mortise and tenon technology

The bed body has been hand-polished three times, with a smooth texture and luxury everywhere. The wood bonding process adopts the mortise and tenon structure of the ancient Chinese Forbidden City, which is strong and durable.

Ultra-quiet pulley

The blocks adopts the ultra-quiet high-performance blocks of the same type of professional sailboat from Australia . The block adopts stainless steel axle, which is still quiet and smooth after use, and is durable, easy to slide, sliding without noise, and wear-resistant, giving users the best experience.

Foot Lever

Design 5-level control according to human body characteristics, exercise more effective 304 stainless steel material, more durable.

Sewing craft

The lines are delicate and well-proportioned. The workmanship is fine and rigorous, and the aesthetics is extremely high, reaching the standard of professional Pilates personal training equipment.

Support leather color customization

Custom your own pilates equipment

One is that products can be customized according to customer requirements to meet customer needs. Realize product upgrade and transformation. The second is the customizable logo. Logo supports signage, laser engraving and printing services, providing a strong foundation for customers to build their own brands. The signs are engraved in stainless steel, never rust, and will be accompanied for life.

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