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"I've never seen such a good Pilates reformer"

Hello everyone, long time no see. There are too many ONEMAX orders recently, and I have no time to update the blog.

This is a pilates reformer ordered by one of our regular Italian customers.

He placed an order from someone else at first, and later saw our products online and was very interested. So I ordered a sample first.

He said that although the ones he ordered from others were cheaper than ours, the quality was very poor and the price-performance ratio was very low, which made him very disappointed. So later he bought very cautiously.

Later, after receiving ONEMAX products, he was very satisfied with the quality of the products and expressed his willingness to cooperate with us for a long time.

We are also very happy, because this is exactly our wish, let more people use good Pilates reformers.

We provide various customization services, such as: color customization, logo customization, high customization.....

Our customer service personnel have been feeding back the production progress during the period, and taking photos and sending them to customers. Let customers feel more at ease.

The customer's product will be shipped soon, and I look forward to the customer's praise again.

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