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Pilates Benefits

Pilates Benefits

Pilates is named after the German Joseph Huberts Pilates. The original name is cybernetics. It is a comprehensive training program for the whole body. The training of the core parts of the body is the foundation. For muscle and body control, Pilates is now deeply loved by weight loss people and celebrities. So, specifically, what are the benefits of practicing Pilates?

Pilates can lose weight

Pilates is a kind of aerobic exercise. Compared with yoga, Pilates has a larger range of movements and a stronger movement, so the weight loss effect is better. Moreover, Pilates movements are replaced frequently, which can consume calories and burn fat in this process. And it can improve people's metabolic capacity and make people consume more calories. Pilates exercises are rich, including partial weight loss exercises, which can exercise for various parts of the human body and sculpt a perfect body curve. Therefore, Pilates is very effective for weight loss and shaping.

Pilates can restore and protect the spine

The pressure of modern people’s life and work is getting heavier. They often desk in the office. More and more people have spinal problems. Pilates focuses on the improvement of the back muscles and deep muscle strength. Practitioners train the back muscles. , It can strengthen the muscles and ligaments around the spine. These powerful muscles and ligaments can protect the spine, improve the safety of the spine, and restore the normal physiological curvature of the spine.

Pilates can improve your spirits

Pilates can promote emotional health, and its smooth effect can relieve tension and calm the mind. While stretching and strengthening muscles, it can also promote the operation of the circulatory system. It can eliminate tension and make people feel calm. Coordination and vitality help to concentrate and eliminate stress.

Pilates helps keep your body straight

Stretching is an important part of pilates training, can the target muscle stretch, has great effect to the trainer's posture, if sufficient and correct stretching exercises, can make the expansion of the longitudinal muscle cells extend, uniform shape, slender muscle line, and improve the flexibility of the muscle, the body's organs will also be strengthened in the process, the trainer become tall and straight posture.

Pilates can reduce bone and joint pain

Pilates increases your flexibility by lengthening the body, thereby reducing bone and joint pain. Proper Pilates is very effective in treating arthritis, because it can increase the flexibility of the body through stretching exercises and reduce joint fatigue. Protect joint health.

Stretching allows nutrients to flow to your muscles and tendons. They can keep your muscles healthy and minimize the possibility of your injury. Pilates can also stimulate the production of joint lubricants, which can relax the muscles of your legs, back, neck and shoulders and relieve pain and tightness.

Pilates balances muscles

Pilates can make the body produce a core. This core is the deep abdominal muscles and the nearest muscles of the spine. It can make the trunk, pelvis and shoulder straps become a stable whole, taking care of all parts of the body. No set of muscles will produce Under-training or over-training, the exerciser's muscles can be balanced and exercised, so that the muscles can develop flatly and have a perfect muscle line.

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