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Pilates newcomer, five things you must know

Pilates newcomer, five things you must know

I want to practice Pilates, but I really don’t know where to start? You heard that this is a good exercise, but you don't know what its benefits are. Then you should take a good look at the five key points of Pilates.

1. Change will not happen tomorrow

Pilates emphasizes that the action starts from the deep level of the abdominal muscles (transverse rectus abdominis) to the surface muscles (rectus abdominis). The action focuses on the correct arrangement and proper muscle activation. As you can imagine, this is a good exercise for the abdominal muscles, and it also helps strengthen and support your core. Because of this, a Pilates exercise can help build amazing abdominal muscles (appropriate diet is essential!) But more importantly, Pilates builds a strong abdomen while maintaining a healthy back and supporting you. Spine.

The key to any type of exercise is continuous practice, especially Pilates. You are essentially exercising how to exercise more efficiently. So stick to it! The visible result is: stay away from back pain, graceful posture, or lose weight. These may take time, but once they happen, you will know they are worth it! Mr. Pilates said: "10 exercises you will feel good, 20 exercises, you look better, 30 exercises, you will Have a whole new body."

2. You will lose weight

Practicing Pilates, your focus is on lengthening and sculpting muscle lines and giving the least stress to the joints. Your muscles will be more efficient. I often teach my male clients to be more like a swimmer's body than a weightlifter's body. You may lose 5 pounds with regular Pilates exercises, but if you want to lose more weight, you need to add high-intensity aerobic exercise to your fitness program. You will be happy to see that your clothes need to be changed, and you need a smaller and more suitable size.

3. Your abdomen always ranks first

All Pilates movements pay attention to the appropriate physical arrangement, for many people, this is a new way of thinking. Don't let yourself be discouraged during practice. Think about the first one, change is not so fast.

There is only one thing, while practicing Pilates, keep your abdomen working at all times. Think about the contraction of your abdomen affecting your spine. Ladies, imagine you are wearing a tights and tighten it, stretch and tighten! This will help your deep transversus abdominis, so that your body can be safely supported and get unimaginable core exercise effects

No matter what Pilates moves you do, where your shoulders are, no matter how you bend your toes, make sure your abs are working!

4. Pilates is its own repair

Pilates exercises are actually repairing your body. Your exercise is to strengthen your body, in Mr. Pilates's own words: "Recover yourself to health."

This exercise was created by Mr. Pilates in World War I. It was very effective and gradually became a way of fitness. When Mr. Pilates moved to New York City, his method became popular.

Pilates is a kind of rehabilitation exercise, so Pilates is often used in physical therapy to strengthen and help heal old injuries and prevent injuries. One of the principles of Pilates is to focus on the work of the core of the body. It will help to help your spine, pelvis alignment, shoulder position, proper posture, etc. This is an exercise for everyone, but it Not just to look good, Pilates is really for your health.

5. Not only your body, but also your mind

Another benefit of practicing Pilates is to help calm your heart. It is a movement that connects the mind and the body, in this sense, it is similar to yoga. Many subtle details of Pilates practice require full attention.

If you are stressed, have too much work to do, or have something that almost overwhelms you, Pilates can help you incredibly. It allows you to focus on your body for a period of time, it can speed up your blood, and it can stretch your muscles. Pilates can also stimulate your brain. Whether it is mentally or physically, Pilates is a perfect way to exercise, challenging your body and will.

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